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Market Update Feb. 2014

Real Estate Market Update 2014 What is happening in the market today, you ask? Plenty. Did you know home sales nation-wide home sales rose the highest in seven years? What's the latest in the Phoenix Valley? Let's look at some numbers. Currently there are 25,504 homes (all types) actively for sale in the Phoenix area. 20,602 are single family. Sales: total sales in Phoenix metro area in 2013 was 83,908. Very respectable. Off our highest point, but a very respectable number. Out of that ... More

Market Update 2013

Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area Real Estate Market Update 2013 is now in full swing as we begin the month of March. How has our market been changing you ask? Let's look at the numbers. Current Active Listings: 17,025 (you might see this number reported higher in places, but it includes those homes under contract with sellers looking for back up offers). Current Pending Listings: 15,227 Closed Listings (as of end of Feb.): 8,806 Special note: Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) made a change to ... More

Market Update June 2012

Real Estate Market Home Sales Update June 2012 Here we are at the beginning of July half way through the year already. How have home sales been progressing so far, you ask? Let's take a look. Current Statistics as of July 12th, 2012... There are 43,652 homes of all types on the market (this number does not take into account listings in the AWC or Active with Contingency category). There are 9,859 homes currently in Pending status (with a contract on them and ... More

Market Update May 2012

Phoenix Real Estate Market Update 2012 Another month of Phoenix real estate home sales is behind us. How did we get along? The temperatures are beginning to rise in the valley of the sun. Are home prices? Let's take a look. As of today (June 3, 2012) there are 12,632 active listings. This excludes AWC status (Active With Contingency). This includes all types of home types, i.e. single family and condo to name two. This number is relatively steady from last month. We ... More